The teenager seems to have replaced the Communist as the appropriate target for public controversy and foreboding. ~Edgar Friedenberg, The Vanishing Adolescent

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Final projects groups and topics

Amanda M.- working solo on songs with teenagers in the title or are about teenagers

Ron, Taylor, Hillary- representation of teenagers and the mall through different medias

Diana, Mary, Lauren- TV portrayals of teenagers through the decades

Lexi and Deirdre- Easy A

Melissa and Blue- teenage lesbians and the media

Jane- working solo on teenagers representing themselves (and their teenage friends) in media

Raquel, Nneka, Jessica- sex in Degrassi: past and present

Annie, Leecy, Jasmine- teen body image

Dante- solo work on LGBTQ teen representation

If you missed class today or are not in a group listed here please comment below and I will add you :)

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