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Friday, March 18, 2011

sites to find Glee episodes for free

Hello Teenagers and/in the Media class,
Here are some sites that you can watch the episodes from Glee for free. If you would feel more comfortable buying them they are available for purchase on Itunes and Amazon as well. Below are some direct links but if for some reason they dont work for you check out which will give you a list of sites that offer the episode.
Pilot Episode(S1E1)-
Never Been Kissed (S2E6)-
Furt(S2E8)- I can not find a free site that has this video everyone has been taken down due to copyright infringement, that means you may have to buy this episode to view it. if anyone finds a site that has the video to watch for free please comment with the link.


  1. Here is a working download url or Never Been Kissed

    I've downloaded the Furt eposide but need to find an online link...when I do I will post another comment.

  2. You can stream/watch instead of downloading Never Been Kissed here

  3. amazon also has the full episode for 99 cents!